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Vigil Support

Providing Vigil Support and Comfort

Sometimes it helps to have a comforting presence nearby at a difficult point in time to provide some support and guidance. Our vigil support services are designed to do exactly this by offering support to both patients and their family members in the final weeks or months of life. In addition to offering the patient the comfort of knowing there is someone by their side, vigil support gives the family peace of mind that no matter if they must leave, someone will be present with their family member. With vigil support, the patient has someone to offer a listening ear or a hand to hold whether day or night.
We can also help with advanced directive planning to help you map out the days and weeks around the end of life. In addition to specifying what you may want, you’ll also need to have the proper documentation in place to ensure your wishes are carried out. By informing yourself ahead of time, you’ll be able to contemplate exactly what you want and lay it out to guide your family through the difficult time after your passing. Choosing to plan an advanced directive in Yukon can help them with the decision making around the end of your life and how you want to be celebrated.

- see also Palliative Care

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