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Palliative Care

Compassionate Palliative Care

When the need for palliative care arises, families can feel overwhelmed and shocked for good reason. Choosing the right palliative care provider is important to ensure your loved one gets the kind of care they deserve at this crucial time and help your family deal with the necessary tasks that accompany the end of life. With proper training and experience, a good palliative care nurse can bring dignity and comfort to your loved one while monitoring their health and keeping you advised of their condition. In addition to treating any illnesses or conditions that may be affecting the patient, palliative care will also help them with any pain or physical difficulties that arise, bathing, feeding and other crucial daily tasks.
With a good palliative care nursing provider on the job, you can relax and enjoy these moments with your loved one instead of struggling to care for them yourself. The physical and emotional demands of caring for a terminally ill loved one can be a strain at an already difficult time. Having qualified and experienced professionals in place helps relieve some of the pressure on the family and ensures your loved one is kept comfortable.
At Passages - Support at the End of Life, we strive to offer each patient the best in palliative care and more. Our skilled palliative care nursing providers aren’t just there to offer care, they also act as companions and support for the entire family. Providing end of life support and advance planning for what is about to come, our staff will help guide you through this complicated journey.

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